michael cullen coaching
michael cullen coaching

It starts with non-judgmental, active listening.

Listening to you and the challenges you are facing.
Listening for your needs, desires, and ideal outcomes.
Listening in order for you to resolve issues or accomplish your goals.

With questions: understanding, insight, and different perspectives emerge.
With discussion: resources, options, and opportunities are summoned.
With strategic action: a better system is enacted, and success takes hold.

And as our coaching sessions conclude, a new beginning evolves...for you.


"I had wanted to work with a coach for years but had procrastinated and, in this instance, am I glad I did or I would not have had the good fortune to have found and worked with Michael Cullen. I went to him because I felt that every attempt at change eventually landed me exactly where I had started. He very quickly saw my patterns, the pitfalls I was unable to see, and therefore where we needed to start working. His informed knowledge of current trends in the work force gave us ample ideas to consider and his keen insight enabled him to suggest strategies and set attainable goals tailored to my lifestyle and personality. If I discovered between visits that I had bitten off more than I could handle, I could come clean at my next visit without fear of reprimand: we just re-grouped and came up with a more realistic course of action. His office is a haven of acceptance and (to quote Stephen Colbert) 'positivity'. Seemingly insurmountable challenges were quickly put into perspective and a feasible plan laid out. I always left with a more profound awareness, a sense of purpose, a renewed optimism and confidence. My interests were foremost; he was totally focused on my needs and remembered every detail of every meeting. He is perfectly suited to this profession, and I highly recommend him to anyone seeking deep and lasting change and a more fulfilling life." Barbara Ford, Client

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