michael cullen coaching
michael cullen coaching

Discover the rich and varied wisdom of your cohort through facilitated, experiential learning.


Gain invaluable insights into your way of being and doing.


Challenge yourself and your ego to resolve inter-personal conflict.


Harness the power of collaboration and benefit from mutual, peer support.

"Michael's workshop in group coaching makes transparent the key differences between lecturing, facilitation and group coaching in an easy manner that involves discussion, practice and reflection. Michael is warm and engaging, presenting in a conversational style with just the right amount of theory to bridge with practice." Kelly Howarth


“I have had the privilege of attending one of Michael's workshops and I feel I have benefited immensely from the insights it provided. I strongly believe his work is essential in helping people manage a career change, or any major life changes for that matter.” Catherine Robillard


"Michael was a wonderful host for the ICF Coaching Social Entrepreneurs SIG. He worked tirelessly to bring us exciting speakers and to get the group excited. He provided regular communication about the calls and the speakers which made it easy to participate. Finally, his passion for working within the social entrepreneurial space was very evident and inspiring." Kathleen M. Vaughan





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