michael cullen coaching
michael cullen coaching

Comprehensive support for the continuous professional development of coaches worldwide.


Examining and discussing competencies and processes that guide or influence your professional coaching.


Taking the time to deliberate ethical and contractual issues and how they may be impacting you as a coach.


Offering CCEs to ICF-accredited coaches.

"What a pleasure to be mentored by Michael. All of his feedback on our coaching was thoughtful, constructive and delivered in such a way to make you really see the advantage to apply his recommendations. He is an expert coach, and always gave off the impression that he truly cared what became of all of us as coaches. Bravo Michael and thank you for accompanying me on this journey. A true class act." Cindy Schwartz, Coach


"Michael was one of the in-class coaching mentors during my studies in the Professional and Personal Coaching Certification (PPCC) program at Concordia University. Michael always provided feedback that was not only helpful, but instrumental in my development as a coach. Michael is a highly intelligent and intuitive person who has a knack for viewing things from a fresh perspective. He is great at discovering patterns and thinking outside the box. I value his insight and I highly recommend Michael as a coaching mentor." Eric Ibey, Coach


"Michael's insight and observations were helpful, not only for my progression as a coach, but also to my development as an individual professionally and personally. For this I am grateful to him." Guy Sauvé, Coach



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