michael cullen coaching
michael cullen coaching

I am a certified professional coach residing in Montreal, QC, Canada.

An active PCC member of the International Coach Federation (ICF), I adhere to the ICF Code of Ethics and the standards of excellence of this professional coaching association.


My three core values are Empathy, Integrity, and Creativity.


I consistently score as an INFJ and Enneagram 5.

To access my full, professional profile, please refer to my LinkedIn page.



“Michael Cullen is intelligent, positive, and honest, and his sensitivity to his clients’ needs and his ability to affirm their strengths while helping them to chart a course forward makes his coaching simultaneously relaxing and inspiring. I highly recommend Michael for anyone in any kind of a transitional period in their lives.”  Brian Smith, Client


"Michael is a strategic thinker who will help you structure your thinking to translate your thoughts into action. He is also very compassionate and caring, putting you at ease to share your challenges openly with him. I would recommend Michael to anyone looking to improve their current career or looking to move onto to new opportunities." Naomi Kincler, Client


"Michael met with me to help me with next steps in my career path. His process and energy helped me to hone in on what I wanted and needed to do. He has an intuitive capacity to be able to ask the right questions and helped me to see what it was I truly valued. Great insights and ideas, thank you Michael!" Linda Collard, Client



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For a complimentary appointment, please call: 438 391-3246 or email: info@michaelcullencoaching.com